There are so many unkind things going on in the world today. It is my belief that a little kindness and encouragement can go a long way. I have seen how a person’s spirit can be lifted just because a kind word or gesture was given. I have also experienced this myself. Someone encouraged me and the encouragement brought a smile to my face. The blogs that I write are intended to encourage and inspire. I hope you will enjoy them!!


There Is Hope!!

It is not always easy to share what you been through with somebody. One day someone that I love told me a story. It was a story of how she suffered sexual and physical abuse at the hands of her father. A man that was supposed to teach her, love her, and protect her did the unimaginable. He destroyed her. As a grown woman, the lady often felt alone. She blamed herself for her mother not showing much affection towards her. Even as a grown woman, she so deeply needed to feel her mother’s love and acceptance. When she became very ill, she wondered if her mother would be there for her.  Long after the lady suffered the abuse, the memories of the terrible things still haunted her. Now, I have heard many people say things like your past is your past, let it go, get over it and move on, but it is not always that simple. Often times, the hurt will need to be dealt with. I don’t believe that you can sweep things under the rug and pretend like the issue is no longer there. Sometimes it might seem like there is no one who understands you or what you are going through, and it might even seem like you just can’t find your way, but don’t give up. Forgive those who have hurt you. “For if you forgive people their wrongdoing, your heavenly Father will forgive you as well” (Matthew 6:14). Seek professional help if you need to and remember that God loves you and there is hope.  “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble” (Psalm 46:1).

It is Edible, but can I stand to eat it?

via Daily Prompt: Edible 

It is edible, but can I smash it without getting sick or choked? I don’t think that I could eat everything that is supposed to be Edible. This dish that my friends persuaded me to ear did not not look Edible, but they told me it was. They said go ahead and try it. They said that it was unlike anything I have ever eaten. It didn’t look appetizing, but the peer pressure got to me and I smashed it. “Oh no, what have I done”, is what I thought? How long  will I think about what they called Edible?

Time to Move On

You were weighed down for so long by the haunting memories of the past. Everything that you experienced hurt you to the core, but now is the time to move on. The time is now to step into your destiny. Yes, it was something awful that happened to you, and it seemed like no one cared. You have cried yourself to sleep many nights, but now is the time to say that “I will shed not another tear about that pain and the trials that I have experienced”.  What happened is done, but it is now time for you to believe in yourself and be happy. You still have time, but don’t waste it any longer, for time will not wait for anyone. It is time to realize your dream and make it a reality. Don’t delay, get out of that dreaded place. It is there that you do not want to stay, instead move on into your new horizon today!!!

Embracing Who I am

Embracing who I am didn’t come suddenly nor did it come willingly. For so long I heard nothing but bad things about myself, so embracing myself was something that I was reluctant to do. After being tired of believing what everyone else said about me, I instead began to believe what a really Good Book said about me. Now, there is no more believing what others say, now I embrace who I really am. I am unique, I am a masterpiece, and I have a purpose, and I will embrace who I am with my every being!!

Changing Directions

If you have been traveling down the same road for far too long with with no success, then it could be time to change directions. The road that some people are currently on is getting them nowhere fast. It is getting them stuck in the same situation. Their dreams will never come to pass if they do not do something to drastically change their situation. It can be difficult to change directions when you have become accustomed to doing things the same way over and over again, but sometimes change is definitely necessary. If there are no new plans, and you keep doing the same thing over and over again with the same results, then you could be wasting your time with the same old plans. If people stay on the never-ending road of failure and disappointment, then they could become very discouraged and want to give up altogether. Sometimes we have to stop and re-evaluate our current situation because sometimes extreme action does need to be taken. A strategic plan will need to be put into action and it will need to be realized that you need to be traveling down a different road. No, that person does not need to give up on his or her dream, but he or she may need to take different steps to make that dream a reality. So take a second look at what is going on in your life, and consider if what you are currently doing is hindering you or helping you.

~It is good to get advice from someone that is objective and a person that you can trust and never give up on your dreams, but do everything that you can to make that dream a reality~